A beginner’s guide to Blue Oyster Cult

750px-blue_oyster_cult_8x10_.jpgFormed from the late 60’s band Soft White Underbelly BOC are often dubbed ‘the thinking man’s heavy metal band’. But for me they are much more hard rock and even melodic rock than metal!I have never quite twigged with their earlier albums bar the excellent ‘Secret Treaties’ album, their first must have in my book.Although the ‘Agents Of Fortune’ album had ‘Don’t Fear The Reaper’ on it overall it is a 6/10.

What you need instead is ‘Spectres’ with ‘Golden Age Of Leather’, the 60’s pop rocker ‘Fireworks’ and the awesome ‘Godzilla’. ‘Fire Of Unknown Origin'(1981) is another must have with ‘Joan Crawford’ and ‘In Thee’. Also grab ‘Cultosarus Erectus'(1980) with the wicked ‘Lips In Hills’ and ‘Black Blade’.

But their finest albums for me are ‘Revolution By Night’ (1983) and ‘Imaginos’ (1988). The latter is more Albert Bouchard, then BOC drummer plus BOC and session players.

Eric Bloom & Buck Dharma keep the flame alive playing biker bars and hog roasts in the US plus regular UK & European tours.  Sadly keys/guiatrist Allen Lanier has dropped out due to ill health.  A new album is due soon but they have no record label and no real rush to release it. On a side note if you ever see an album by Deadringer called ‘Electrocution Of The Heart’ grab it as it features BOC’s Buck Dharma plus ex-BOC bassist Joe Bouchard & ex-Alice Cooper Band members with Charlie Huhn on vocals. Cracking 80’s hard rock album!

…and they tour the UK in June…

8th Southampton, The Brook
9th Wolverhampton, Robin 2
10th Ipswich, Regent Theatre
11th The Forum London
12th Picturedrome Holmfirth
13th Carling Academy Newcastle
14th Glasgow, The Ferry
15th Manchester University


  1. Hey Jason,
    Good to see another rocker spouting off about all & sundrie! 😉 Might just have to catch BOC this time around. Haven’t seen them since 1978 (when JAPAN were supporting).
    Personally i’d agree with you about IMAGINOS but i’d go for CULTOSAURUS , ON YOUR FEET & HEAVEN FORBID as next best

  2. Thansk for stopping by!
    Good call on ‘Heaven Forbid’ and even their last release ‘The Curse of the Hidden Mirror’ had some good songs like ‘Pocket’, the hit single that never was.

  3. I think I’ve got all BOC albums on cassette and vinyl. I learnt to play guitar by playing along to the songs in the good old days before Guitar Tab. Listen to a BOC riff and mysteriously I can probably remember how to play it. “On your feet or on your knees…….”

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