Sacred Heart have just release their best album to date, ‘Darkness Falls’. Check it out over at www.sacredheartband.com

Over to Paul Stead…

1. What are you currently up to? (recording, gigs, plans)  

At the moment we’re just beginning the promotion process of our new album “Darkness Falls” – which was released on 7th December 2009 & preparing for live dates next year. We have a new drummer in Dave Thurlby & old friend Darren Jhuboo – who played on 2007’s “Shake” – is back on bass. So as a new collective we have songs to learn.    Though the UK isn’t the easiest of lands to conquer on the live front – due to the lack of any music scene – dates do arise, so we like to make the most of it.

2. Could you take us through the songs on the ‘Darkness Falls’ album (e.g. ideas behind the songs, songwriting process etc)?   

Regards the writing process, I pretty much take a finished song to the band, the guys are then very welcome to make any suggestions and participate in the tracks development. As a goes, really the rest of the band are musicians whereas I really consider myself as a composer. So it works out quite nicely. But there’s no ego, it’s just the way we’ve come together.   The new album has 13 studio tracks, 4 of which were from our debut album “Lay It On The Line” (2004). Although it had 10 tracks it was a demo – a way of showing there was more to the band than 3 or 4 songs – so to re-record those tracks to this high production standard, not to mention that we’ve improved as musicians (and they have slightly different arrangements) is great.   There are lot’s of songs with distinct themes – lyrics that tell a story: “TV Movie”, “Music Man”, “Top Of The Class” & “No-one Knows (War)” – the last of which inspired the album’s design concept & was inspired by the TV series Ross Kemp in Afghanistan.   “Everybody” has elements of dance music, as I’ve been a club DJ for 16 years, “Down” is a very modern heavy & aggressive song, “Best In Me” mixes 80’s rock with a modern feel & “Little Miss Sunshine” is the big ballad, with individual string arrangements.

3. The band have been through a fair few line-up changes of late. Is it hard to keep a steady line-up when the band are not full time musicians?  

Very much so. Other commitments (family, day job etc) rightly get in the way. We have to be careful what gigs etc we accept as it could mean losing out on regular income to pay the mortgage – it’s not easy at all.   Travel, time restraints and being responsible to those that need you around has to come first. But the current line up is a great bunch of friends as well as band members and we seem to have found a happy medium so far. Fingers crossed it can last…

The full interview will appear very soon on www.getreadytorock.com

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