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Let me please wish for you one of the happiest of the happy new years wishes, you have ever been wished. If this isn’t your big year, (which I’m almost certain it will be) I should be inclined to ask for a refund if I were you.
And in the best of self-promoting, semi-delusional non-sequiturs, may I go on to blindly, nay rudely, to insist that you come to the Jackdaw4 gig at the 100 CLUB on Oxford Street on Thursday 21st January. This one off show is to celebrate the release of our new album RETROSPECTACLES, Tickets for the gig are almost certainly available from:
or alternatively if they’ve run short, you might find some at:
And as the spirit of giving leaves us for another 11 months may I be the first to offer you a very, very early Xmas present. A full four tracks are yours for the taking, for free, being the extra tracks from our new album RETROSPECTACLES, and you can get them entirely gratis by downloading them from:
You’ll find even more free music and seven colours of pretentious waffle loaded into our increasing popular podcasts which you will find at
Episode 4 features a full version of a new song ‘PORNOGRAPHY’ and a full and frank discussion of the subject by the greatest minds available. (disclaimer: minds were selected from a small sample of the more articulate populace, willing to talk bullshit for nothing and travel to northern France in order to do so)
Apologies if you’ve received this information via one of the other myriad of formats by which we all communicate these days.
Hope to see you on the 21st in London.

Love Willie


Brilliant Music — Jackdaw 4 + Special Guests, 100 Club, 21/01/09. ON SALE http://www.brilliantmusic.bigcartel.com 100 club, 100 Oxford Street, London. 21/01/2010. Press/trade show 6pm, just 50 tickets available allowing entry to both shows. Main gig – 9.30pm. £8 + 75p handling fee. Entry via e-ticket, mailed out 10 days prior to the show. …

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