Albums to look out for in Feb…

Some cracking releases coming in February (full reviews up soon on )…

Frontiers have the Giant comeback album ‘Promise Land’ featuring new vocalist Terry Brock (ex-Strangeways/The Sign) and it is very good. Some great hard rock moments, a couple of decent ballads although original member Dan Huff only lends a helping hand here and there. This is the main bone of contention for some fans of the band.

Former Bad Company vocalist Brian Howe returns with a very decent set of tunes on ‘Circus Bar’ including reworking two Bad Company songs including ‘Holy Water’. The Howe Bad Co years in the 80’s were very AOR orientated and this album picks off where that version of Bad Co left off. Good stuff!

Gamma Ray are abck with ‘To The Metal’, their first for their new label Ear Music/Edel. Its classic Gamma Ray with lots of soloing and a couple of decent epics. Kai Hansen and co. have far exceeded his former band Helloween whose latest release is a rather lame album of re-recorded Helloween classics…best avoided sadly.

Keeping it metal, Freedom Call are back and like fellow GRTR! reviewer Joe Geesin, this is a band I have only recently got into. They release their new album via SPV/Sony and after only one play its unfair to judge but seems good so far!

Finally, Last Autumn’s Dream who release their seventh album through Escape Music. Sadly their first without Marcel Jacob who sadly passed away last year and a tribute to him opens this album. Otherwise its business as usual with a few good hard rock with a pop edge tunes, a couple of top notch ballads and two great cover versions…Wizzard’s ‘See My Baby Jive’ and ‘Surrender’ by Cheap Trick.

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