Voice In A Million update

Voice In A Million Featured On BBC Radio Wales Today

The Students of the Tredegar Comprehensive School

were featured on BBC Radio Wales today to talk about their forthcoming appearance at the 02 Arena event for Voice In A Million

The group also performed “That’s What Friends Are For” – Live on AIR across Wales

Here’s a permanent link to the story:

And here’s how it’s currently being promoted on the BBC Radio Wales (note that this page will probably change with a new lead story tomorrow)

Stars and Politicians Show Their Support For Voice In A Million˜It’s really good to see so many talented young people coming together to support the fantastic work being done by the British Association for Adoption and Fostering. I’d like to congratulate the organisers of Voice in a Million for setting up this event, and I hope all the children taking part have a wonderful evening.
– Schools Minster, Vernon Coaker

˜The most valuable resource on this earth is our children, and the most valuable thing to a child is to have a home! All children are our responsibility and must be given every opportunity to have access to everything needed for them to become the great people they already are! And this is not about flesh and blood! It’s bigger than that! These children have an assignment and it’s our assignment to assist them on there life’s journey, and the nurturing ground; the fertile soil is a home! That’s what every child deserves! That’s the difference between life and death for them. We can not allow any child to be deprived of “a place called home!” And it’s up to us to get these kids where they are supposed to go…just like me! Just like Byford and Bannah McDaniels did for me.
– Legendary Hip-Hop Pioneer, Darryl McDaniels (Run DMC)

˜I am delighted to support the Voice In A Million event. Good luck to everybody who is performing tonight and keep up the good work.
– Philip Hammond MP (Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury)

˜There is nothing more precious in life than a child. What better gift can you give it than a loving home and family. A chance, hope and peace. This evening alone could change the life of a tiny being. Forever. My love goes out to all the wonderful people who give these beautiful little children a chance for happiness, and to the children themselves, who deserve all the good things that life can bring. Have a wonderful and successful evening. – Bernie Nolan

Additional Hosts Confirmed To Co-Present The 02 Arena Concert

>Clare Grogan

Scottish born Clare Grogan first shot to fame for her role in the 1981 hit movie ˜Gregory’s Girl™. She subsequently launched a successful music career as the lead singer in Altered Images, releasing a string of hit records with the band in the early 80’s.

Although Clare has since continued to pursue her music career, she is also a regular face on television appearing in various shows, including her role of Kristine Kochanski in the British comedy series Red Dwarf. In recent years, Clare adopted her daughter, Lucia, with her husband Stephen Lironi and written a children’s novel called ˜Tallulah and the Teenstars”.>Zara Phillips

Singer-songwriter Zara Phillips has led a charmed musical life. Having began her professional career working as a backing vocalist for Bob Geldof, the Live-Aid creator recruited Phillips for his first solo projects after he departed the chart-topping UK band The Boomtown Rats and toured the world extensively, appearing on countless television shows and recordings.

Zara’s musical career quickly blossomed from that point working with artists such as Matt Bianco, Nick Kamen, David Essex and the solo project from Dire Straits’ John Illsley. Additionally, she toured in support of Bananarama with Perfect Day, the most successful British girl group in pop history, which eventually led her to shift her focus to a solo career.

Zara has finished directing and producing an adoption documentary entitled “ROOTS: UNKNOWN”. This educational and informative film focuses on the emotional influence adoption has on the adoptee and their families. In addition, Zara is also an author. Her book, ‘Mother Me’ is about her personal journey to motherhood from an adoptee’s point of view, published by the British Association for Adoption & Fostering in 2008.

“It seems that birthing my children was also a birth for my whole self,” Zara writes. She regularly talks and facilitates workshops and events related to adoption issues, along with performing her music at clubs in NYC and New Jersey. Zara has just finished recording a song “I’m legit’ with DMC about adoption and open records in the US (available on iTunes).

Check out Zara’s video featuring DMC here:


Voice In A Million Soloist Matthew Crane Featured In The Press

Matthew, you will be performing You Raise Me Up with The Hot Gospel Choir, The Spirit Choir and The Voice In A Million Choir has been featured in many newspapers this week including The Gravesend Reporter and The Medway Messenger and will soon be posted on our website.

Pre-Order The Voice In A Million 02 Arena Concert (CD)

Click HERE to Pre-Order your copy of the Voice In A Million Choir and Special Guests CD for the London 02 Arena concert on 28.01.10.

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