Freedom Call’s new album :)

FREEDOM CALL ‘Legend Of The Shadow King’ SPV (2010)

Freedom Call are back and ready to challenge again for the power metal crown. This is the band’s sixth album and a concept inspired by the true story of King Ludwig II, who was King of Bavaria until he was forced to cede power to the first German empire in 1871. The eccentric King was a devoted patron of Wagner, commissioned several fantasy castles and stated “I don’t want to be a shadow king without power”, which is where the album’s title comes from. This obviously allows Freedom Call full reign on the fantasy aspect of their lyrics and sure enough songs like ‘Merlin – Legend Of The Past’ fir the bill.

Freedom Call don’t go for the epic side of power metal, instead preferring to pack a punch in under five minutes. ‘Thunder God’ with its Maiden like riff is one of the best the band has recorded and is very catchy. Gives a band like HammerFall food for thought… The band utilise their famed choir backing vocals to great effect on ‘’Tears Of Babylon’ and ‘Dark Obsession’ in particular. The last two songs don’t quite reach the heights of the rest of the album with ‘Kingdom Of Madness’ sounding more like the band trying a modern metal style.

Freedom Call are easily at the forefront of the power metal bands and beat latter day Manowar hands down. There are a lot of releases out there but if you like OTT power metal in the vein of Manowar, Gamma Ray and HammerFall, then you need this album. All hail the metal kings!


Jason Ritchie

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