Five Quick Q’s with…THE JOKERS

The Jokers released their excellent debut album ‘The Big Rock ‘N’ Roll Show’ last year to great acclaim and for me it was the debut release of 2009. Thanks to the band as well for their recent kind donation of signed CD’s for my fundraising for the Macular Disease Society.

Album review

Over to the band…

1. What are you currently up to? e.g. recording, gigs etc.

 At the moment we are in the studio recording the start of our new album and our next single an then we are off to ireland next month to shoot the video. Also gig wise we are playing a few local gigs over the next couple of months and then touring with Fozzy in May. We are planning a full uk tour for later this year.

2. How has the debut album ‘The Great Rock ‘n’ Roll Show’ been received by fans and reviewers?

The album has had a great response – Classic Rock gave it 8/10 Powerplay gave it 10/10 and album of the month, musician union gave it 10/10 and also loads of other great reviews. Also had a great response from radio Planet Rock has really got behind us guys playlisting us 4 times a day also had some plays from Alice Cooper in New York and BBC Radio 6 Bruce Dickenson. Had a great reaction from all of our fans who  we would like to thank for all their support.

3. How did the Jokers come together and what are the band members various muisical influences?

Myself (lead guitar) and Bass player are brothers so have being together since we were kids. The lead singer Wane we have known for many years and the three of us decided to form a great rock an roll band. The drummer Neil has joined recently and completed The Jokers line-up. Our musical influences are The Who, Led Zeppelin, The Sweet, Cream, ACDC, Elvis – no one does it like the old guys anymore – UNTIL US!!!

4. Where would the band like to be career wise this time next year and in an ideal world who would you like to tour with?  

This time next year we would really like to be pushing the band in America and Japan aswell as the UK, love to play madison square garden (in an ideal world)

Ideal band who we would love to tour with would be Kiss (fingers crossed for upcoming tour)  

5. Any good films…TV…music…books you’d recommend…

Films – we like the old classics such as, Rocky I & II, Superman, Jaws, Hammer House of Horror (any of them)   TV – Prison Break – we were all hooked    Books – sorry none of us can read   Message for your fans…
We would like to say a big thank you to everyone that has bought our album and supported the band – we are looking forward to playing at a venue near you soon – KEEP WATCHING!!!!!

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