Incoming music…

Plenty of new albums coming out now including two featuring Phil Vincent, a man who never seems to sleep! There is his new solo album and a new album from Tragik ‘And We All Turn To Dust’, which is the band’s third and possibly their best to date. Needs a few more plays but they have really found their groove on this one.

New Medicine Head ‘Radio Sessions 1971-77’ from Angel Air shows just how good this British blues rock duo were. If you like 70’s blues rock then check this band out.

Jon Olivia’s Pain release ‘Carnival’ on AFM Records and if you’re expecting Savatage then think again. This band cover rock, metal, blues, jazz, AOR, West End musicals – the lot. ‘Now’ is a must hear song, a grandiose epic that hints at Olivia’s other band the Trans Siberian Orchestra.

Finally Foreigner’s comeback album, ‘Can’t Slow Down’ gets a UK release on 1st March and boy is it good! Classic Foreigner with a good mix of ballads and mid tempo rockers. An album for the fans and streets ahead of the band’s last album ‘Mr. Moonlight’.

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