Thanks to Leigh Matty & Romeo’s Daughter who kindly donated a CD, t-shirt and signed A5 colour cards of the band for my fundraising for the Macular Disease Society. The band’s debut album is a true ‘lost classic’ of the 80’s and thanks to those lovely folks at Rock Candy it is readily available again on CD.  The band are back together with a successful appearance at last year’s Firefest and this year will hopefully see more gigs and a new album.

Over to Leigh…

1. What are you currently up to? e.g. recording, gigs etc.

We are currently in the process of recording demo’s for our 3rd album and are also deciding when/how many gigs to do this year – as soon as we know we will release dates and info on all the relevant websites – a good place to check is

2. What made Romeo’s Daughter decide to reform? The Firefest gig was a big success but how did the band feel prior to it given that is was so many years since oyu had played such a big gig?

The reason we decided to reform last year was that it was the 2nd time that we had been asked to play at the Firefest, and it just worked out that we were all able to put the time and energy into rehearsing for the gig last year that we weren’t able to do before. We also had no idea before the concert what kind of response we would get and whether anyone would even remember who we were, so we were absolutely blown away by the welcome we got – we loved it so much we want to do more!!

3. How did the Rock Candy re-issue come about and looking back why didn’t the album ever make a bigger impact?

The re-issue came about because Derek Oliver from Rock Candy had always loved the 1st album and felt that it deserved another outing! He did a fantastic job of re-mastering it and we were very happy with how it looked and sounded.

I think that the reason it didn’t make a bigger impact the 1st time around was purely down to timing – if we had released the album even 1 year earlier when rock music was still a strong trend then things might have been very different. It was the end of the 80’s and times were changing which happens at the end of every decade, so we missed the boat!
4. What have been the live highlights for the band and who have you enjoyed sharing a stage with?

We unfortunately played very few live gigs and the only big support tour we did was with ‘FM’ which was great as we made a lot of fans (and I also picked up a husband!) We always loved playing live and regretted that we didn’t get to do more gigs – hopefully we will make up for that in the future.

5. Any good films…TV…music…books you’d recommend…

far too many to mention, although recently saw and  loved the film  ‘Once’ – fantastic music in the film. We all have very diverse tastes in music which makes it more interesting when writing songs – I tend to be the book reader in the group though!

Message for your fans…

We are so thrilled to be able to make some more music together and we are overwhelmed with the wonderful response we have had from our fans – we hope to be able to see a lot more of you all in the future and can’t wait to be on stage again – Romeos Daughter are alive and well and are going to be playing at venue near you soon!

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