GRTR! Ten for 10

Get Ready to ROCK! has consistently supported new and independent artists since 2003,  reflected – for example – in our ‘Rising Stars‘ section, related podcasts, and the CD of that name released in 2007.

In 2010 we are looking to support 10 new (or established) bands we think deserve wider attention, hence “Ten for 10”.

We’ll support the selected artists with regular news items, features, reviews and exposure via our radio channel.

In January, we shortlisted 25 bands selected by GRTR! reviewers and a GRTR! Panel reduced this total to 10.

The 10 bands reflect the diverse range of musical interests at GRTR! giving a voice to those seeking to gain a new foothold and those new artists who seek to widen their audience.

The final selection was based on a number of criteria including web activity as a result of our promotion, current album/tour activity and fit with GRTR!

Readers and listeners voted for their favourite and one of the ten – GMT – won the popular vote in January and was assured a place in our final selection.

Get Ready to ROCK! Ten for 10 (Final selection)

(In alphabetical order)


Eden’s Curse … should … gain a greater audience for their infectious blend of metal and melody. A great band that – if there is any justice – should get greater. (David Randall)

2.  FM

FM seem both contemporary and relevant again
(David Randall)


For those of a certain age, this Manchester based trio will evoke happy memories of sweaty rock clubs, heavy riffs and serious air guitar. (David Randall)

4.  GMT

If you like hard rock, punk, metal and a little blues this is the band for you.  (Jason Ritchie)


…full of attitude, power, addictive riffs and catchy hooks that just lock you in, forcing your feet to tap along and your head to bounce … (Sonia Waterfield)


… top notch blues based hard rock – turn it up and enjoy! (Jason Ritchie)


Mr French can still blues wail with the best of them
(Stuart Hamilton)


Perfect progressive pop rock. (Pete Whalley)


…this new line-up … certainly lives up to the high standards of Power Quest’s musical legacy so far. Roll on the new album and the Quest must go on… (Jason Ritchie)


… if you love any of the three B’s Chris names as his main influences, namely ‘the Beatles, Bolin and Bowie’, then do check out Chris and his band’s music. (Jason Ritchie)

One Response to “GRTR! Ten for 10”

  1. Good to see the mighty Panic Room on there – excellent

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