New Intense album on its way :)

Press Release Feb 2010


There’s always a wait for an Intense album and for this one that hasn’t changed.  However this time it wasn’t planned as the guys took time off in 2009 to deal with personal matters.

Writing still carried on for the album however and March 29th 2010 the first sessions for the brand new album commence.

The band will be once again be recording at Thin Ice Studios with Karl Groom (Threshold) at the helm.

Karl worked on both “Second Sight” and “As Our Army Grows.”

Recording will be once again a little fragmented due to Thin Ice’s Busy Schedule but the band hope to have the album completed by the end of June and are hopeful for an autumn release.

As yet untitled, the album will feature 9 new songs. A couple of the new songs were aired at their only live show last year at the Frontline in Ghent (Belgium) and went down a storm.

The band have lined up a new artist to handle the album design and also will be working with a new photographer.

On the live front this is what vocalist/manager Sean Hetherington had to say: “We’ve focussed on the album for obvious reasons but have East Riding Rock Festival on July 17th and are in talks regarding a European tour in October which we hope will be confirmed soon. We hope to get more shows lined up once we know when the album will be out.”

More info will follow

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