Fancy dress idea for the upcoming Staines 10K run…

After listening to the Danny Baker show yesterday where he launched  ‘The Shirt Of Hurt’ for Sport Relief – read more here. I thought I would borrow such a good idea and adapt it for my fundraising for the Macular Disease Society. Basically I will wear something from the winner of these three below, bearing in mind I can’t stand any of them and to have to run for at least an hour over 6 1/2 miles in one of them is going to be…well fill your own words in here 🙂

The three are,,.

a) Port Vale (bunch of no hopers located in Burslem and supported by Robbie Williams, my uncle Brian and two others)

b) Chelsea (well the name says it all really!)

c) Rupert the Bear (that white bear with tablecloth trousers and a face you want to punch)

Every pound you kindly sponsor me allows you one vote. For example, say you kindly sponsor me for £3 you could allocate one vote to each or all three to one! Needless to say Port Vale are off to a flyer with 10 pts thanks to my uncle’s votes.

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