Runners log star date 120310

Is it me or does training for a 10K get harder as you get older? My left knee aches like heck, although a nice sexy white knee bandage has helped that a bit. I worked out the other day I have been running on and off now since 1985! Strange as I hated cross country at school.

 I shudder to think how many miles I have clocked up. The highlights are still the three marathones I have done – London twice (1998 & 1999) and my hometown Potteries (1998) marathon. That one was a killer with the hills – Port Hill bank is fine in a car but try runnign up it…

This year the training has been steady as they say. The main thing on the routes I run is the smell of the takeaway shops – the fish and chip shop drives you mad when you run past it. Oh for a quick dash inside for cod ‘n’ chips with mushy peas and gravy (the last two though you don’t get very often down here in Staines and if you pour gravy on your chips you get the strangest looks).

Music keeps the old feet going and the Asia album ‘Omega’ (Frontiers) is sounding good. More bombast and pomp than their comeback album ‘Phoenix’, although the lyrics do take a strange turn on ‘Emily’ saying how she bats for the other side. The PC police are on their way over…

Savatage are good for a steady run and their best of is just out through SPV. Most of the band are now in the Trans-Siberian Orchestra who are massive in the US and listening again to latter day Savatage you can see how they naturally progressed into the TSO.

Joe Bonamassa doesn’t half keep producing quality albums and his latest ‘Black Rock’ (Provogue) is no excpetion. Kevin Shirley again handles production and this time they add some Greek flavour to the musical proceedings as the album was recorded on a Greek album. Nice work if you can get it.

New band to these ears are Orden Ogen, a power/symphonic metal abnd whose new album is just out on AFM Records. Some very classy music on here including a fabulous tune ‘We Are Pirates’ – swashbuckling pirate metal!

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