Five Quick Q’s with PHIL VINCENT

Time to catch-up again with the very busy Phil Vicent who has just released his latest solo album ‘Controlled Insanity’ and the latest Tragik CD ‘And We All Turn To Dust’ (both well worth buying!) plus a new project coming soon, D’Ercole. Read on for more…

1. What are you currently up to? e.g. recording, gigs etc.

Phil Vincent solo CD “Controlled Insanity” promotion, Tragik “And We All Turn to Dust” promotions and brand new project D’ERCOLE which has just been signed to Z Records for a June release of “The Art of Self Destruction”. D’Ercole is Me on Vocals & Keys, Damian D’Ercole on Guitars, William Arnold on Bass and Tane DeAngelis on Drums.

2. Could you take us through the new Tragik album ‘And We All Turn To Dust’ e.g. story behind the songs, songwriting process?   

December 21, 2012. The end of the world as the Mayan’s clock dictates. Extinction. The dinasours were walking around happily one day then an asteroid hit the earth and everything was gone!!! It could ALL end that quickly and we take so much for granted in this world. So to answer your question, we got together and wrote down a bunch of ideas, then played together in the studio, then boom!!! the CD was finished. It really happened fast. I hope you like it.

3. Have you ever been approached to join another band and if so who? Also in an ideal world is there a band(s) you would love to join?  

I have been asked to sing on various projects but never to join full time. My dream band would be Me on vocals & keys, Paul McCartney on bass & vocals , Gary Hoey on guitar  and the mighty Neil Peart behind the kit!!
4. You say this could be your last solo album due to the illegal downloads etc. Hopefully this won’t be the case but do you think the internet is hurting musicians more than it is helping them? Many under 25’s now expecting music to be free and do you think in the future this could finish off the music business as we know it?  

I just answered this question in another interview…

I thought it looked bleak then I saw the news the other night and Pink Floyd won their lawsuit to stop Itunes and other digital stores to sell individual songs off their albums. You have to buy the whole thing if you want the hear 1 or 2 songs!! BRAVO!!! I think the purchasing of individual songs hurts the artist in the long run. I had to buy whole cds if I liked 1 song. That’s what made me appreciate listening to the songs I didn’t know. If you don’t know a song and play a 30 second sample, that’s not really a good indication of how the whole song sounds!!! How do you put a 30 second sample of a 9 minute Dream Theater song???? Their songs change so much that that 30 seconds could be the worst part of the song!!! I hope this Pink Floyd ruling changes the digital world so we can go back to buying complete pieces of work instead of picking pieces of the puzzle. Let’s start seeing the whole puzzle!!
5. Any good films…TV…music…books you’d recommend…  

Movie “The Hangover”, TV shows “Rules of Engagement” and “The Office” and anything with John Cleese in it,  I’m currently reading “Passion of the Mind” by Irving Stone.

Message for your fans…
Check out


Watch out for the June release of “The Art of Self Destruction” by D’Ercole on Z Records!!!

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