Runners blog stardate 21032010

Another thirty minute run completed – hurrah! But the old knees are hurting – time for Deep Heat. Mmmmm Deep Heat…can’t beat the feeling as that kicks in. Mind you people can tell you’re nearby due to its distinctive smell. Been cycling as well to ease off the knees and that’s been fun as you realise just how mad some drivers are! Sadly no wolf whistles as yet as the legs are still warmly encased in jogging bottoms still. There’s still time ladies don’t worry 🙂

Great to see so mnay taking part in the Sport Relief Mile including fellow music fanatic Bill Leslie who completed a mile with his family. Top man!

I am always inspired by watching Eddie Izzard’s marathon run last summer for Sports Relief. He ran 46 marathons in 53 days which would be tough going for even a seasoned athlete but he was a total novice. I like his refuelling food though – cakes, tea and Calypso ice lollies 🙂 He even had his own ice cream van following him around.

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