General election 2010 – they’re off!

The 2010 general election campaign is underway with a polling date of Thursday 6th May. Expect politicians to be all over the place and becoming your best friend if you meet them! Now for me this is a great time as a) you get the excitement of election night (no laughing now!) and b) the smaller parties and eccentrics come to the fore. But who will be  this elections Bill Boaks (he stood in over 40 elections and by-elections under a road safety campaign) and the Monster Raving Lonny Party? 

I’ll keep an eye on the battle in Spelthorne as disgraced MP David Wilshire (no great loss) stands down and Kwasi Kwantang, bar a major upset will be the new MP. Labour came second but UKIP I am sure will pick-up some Tory votes and we have a candidate from the newly formed Trade Union and Socialist Coalition  (an alliance of the Socialist Party, Socialist Workers Party and Solidarity, endorsed by Bob Crow amongst others) who may take away a few votes from Labour.

Meanwhile Stoke Central could be another one to watch. A traditional Labour stronghold which has been chipped azway by the BNP in council elections and with Mark Fisher retiring due to ill health, Labour have bought in historian Tristam Hunt who has already upset some Labour voters as he’s from down south!

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