Fulham 0-1 Stoke City

My first visit to Craven Cottage, a lovely ground by the Thames although their fans are very quiet on the whole. Lovely steak pies although £1 for a Twix and nearly £2 for a tea is a bit steep!

The first half was frankly dire and Fulham looked very tired making many unforced errors. Stoke seemed content to defend and Big Mama seemed to spend more time on his knees than on his feet. Fuller was his usual lively self whilst Huth and Shawcross were simply immense at the back. Fulham had the best chances in the first half and after the interval it was Stoke who took the upper hand. Tuncay came on for Big Mama, his pace made a difference although he was caught offside a few times. The goal came in the 83rd minute from Matthew Etherington via the hand of Tuncay but hey you need some luck now and then.

Stoke played well, with some tidy passing although the Delap throw-ins were dealt with well by the Fulham defence. From the body language and the fact he threw his training top and shirt into the Stoke fans, I’d bet Liam Lawrence is on his way to a new club possibly Wolves. He’s been a top player for us, especially in getting us promoted but he’s been very average this season when called upon.

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