Staines 10K 2010

So race day is here and it is time to don the Shirt of Hurt, which for me as a lifelong Stoke City fan its a Port Vale top (kindly supplied by Port Vale). Words can’t quite express what it is like to wear a top of a club you can’t stand…a Man Utd fan wouldn’t like a Liverpool top, a Watford fan wouldn’t be seen dead in a Luton shirt and so it goes on. But as this is for charity, the Macular Disease Society I can just about stand it!

A busy field, over 450 runners at the start including my good friend Steve Jenkins who was also running and my personal cheerleader, my daughter Jasmine. The course is very flat and you get a lot of PB’s (personal best) as a result. Running round I was smiling at the shouts of encouragement from people who thought my top was the rugby team Harlequins or Newcastle Utd. See no-one has heard of P*** V

I finshed in 1hr 7mins (or going by the chip in my running shoe 1hr 6 mins), which was within my target time of 1hr 15mins and ten minutes quicker than my last 10K in Hyde Park in 2007. Best part was at the finish line getting a banana off my daughter 🙂 She was busy handing these out to the runners at the finish line. Steve Jenkins came in at a very respectable 50 mins (did he cheat and take a bus?).

A great day and I am definately up for another run soon!

BIG thanks to all who have sponsored me, left messages of support and spread the word on my fundraising.

Thanks to…

My family (especially Jasmine’s banner!)

Port Vale FC (for the loan of the top)

Stoke City FC

Martin Spinks & the Sentinel

Signal 1 & 2 radio stations

Charlie Farrell

Dave Hunter (I shall get my revenge…)

The following bands/musicians/celebs for their signed items for my charity Ebay auctions…

Vinny Burns, FM, 4 Poofs & A Piano, Willie Thorne, Anthony Head, Romeo’s Daughter, the Jokers, Russell Grant, Diversity, Robin George & Angel Air

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