New releases round-up…

New releases worth a listen…

Glyder are back with possibly their strongest set of songs to date on ‘Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow’ (SPV) which includes a guest spot from Y&T’s Dave Menketti. They have used keyboards more for the first time which has greatly enhanced their sound. Fellow SPV stablemates Stormzone’s new album is a real hark back to the NWOBHM and may put off those expecting an AOR/melodic rock treat like their debut album was. But it is still a damn fine album and doubtless will win the band a whole new set of fans.

Drive, She Said release a ‘best of’ with two new songs via AOR Heaven. A band that never quite broke the big time mainly as they came out just as grunge was hitting but for harmony filled AOR with lashings of keyboards this is for you. Grand Illusion are also back on the same label and I am glad to report their pomp led rock is still in place none more so than on ‘157th Breakdown’ which includes a guest spot from Mike Slammer.

The Storys release their latest (and supposedly final) album on Angel Air but for me this is beaten by the solo album by the band’s guitarist Rob Thompson whose album is also out on Angel Air. Listen to some of the guitar parts and you’d swear you were listening to a Dave Gilmour solo album.

Universal Music release some good back catalogue this month including possibly the best Uriah Heep compilation to date ‘On The Rebound’. This covers every studio album by the band and features the band’s more hard rock moments. The band’s classic ‘Live In 1973’ is re-issued as a two disc set as well. Wishbone Ash have a double CD ‘best of’ of the MCA years out on the same label. They are a band I like some songs by but can never fully get into despite many attempts to do so.

Shining Line (Avenue Of Allies) are an Italian based melodic rock band who have roped in a series of guest vocalists including Harry Hess (Harem Scarem), Michael Voss and Robin Beck. A very strong album and perfect for the summer!

Not so taken by the latest Molly Hatchett album ‘Justice’ (SPV) which sounds just like their other albums and for me lacks any killer songs. That said it you like the band you’ll want this one.

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