Albums of the year so far…

It’s been a good six months so far and for me the best to date, in no particular order are…

1. SERPENTINE (young band with Tony Mills on vocals; very decent AOR)

2. WIG WAM ‘Non Stop Rock ‘N’ Roll’

3. BRIAN HOWE ‘Circus Bar’ (ex-Bad Company singer produces an album full of melodic rock delights)

4. FREEDOM CALL ‘Legend of the Shadow King’ (one of the best power metal bands out there)

5. GLYDER ‘Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow’ (this band keep their classic rock roots but keep adding new twists to their sound – this time its more keyboards and more epic guitar solos)

6. FOREIGNER ‘Can’t Slow Down’ (yes it was released last year in the US but its European release was in March. A fine return to form)

7. FM ‘Metropolis’ (they took their time making this comeback album and boy did it pay off – simply a delight from start to finish)

8. AURAS ‘New Generation’ (Brazilian band does Journey!)


10. ASIA ‘Omega’ (much, much better than the ‘Phoenix’ album. This album sees the band recapturing their glory days)

11. MASS ‘Sea Of Black’ (good, solid hard rock and then some)

12. GRAND ILLUSION ‘Brand New World’ (the pomp rock lords are back and better than ever!)

13. PRETTY MAIDS ‘Pandemonium’

14. WICKED SENSATION ‘Crystallized’ (one of the best melodic metal albums of the year so far)

15. AVANTASIA ‘Wicked Symphony’

16. SHINING LINE S/T (Italian AOR band with some top name guest vocalists)

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