Trans-Siberian Orchestra new album & UK date in 2011!

Trans-Siberian Orchestra brings its unique brand of Rock Theatre to the UK for the first time on 28th March 2011 with ‘Beethoven’s Last Night’

On a late night in the spring of 1827 the city of Vienna is experiencing the largest lightning storm in its long history. Within a large dishevelled room, Ludwig Von Beethoven is slumped over his piano and on the piano sits the just completed manuscript for his Tenth Symphony. It is his final, and he is certain, his greatest work. As the clock strikes midnight, Mephistopheles appears to collect the great composer’s soul. Looking into the abyss of eternity Beethoven is horrified but the devil has an offer and the bargaining begins…

 So begins Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s (TSO) performance of “Beethoven’s Last Night.TSO – one of the most successful rock projects in North America – is an unprecedented mixture of progressive rock and orchestral music along with elements of theatre. Following their triumphant debut of ‘Beethoven’s Last Night’ in the U.S., the band will bring their unique brand of rock theatre to the UK.

The legions who have come to enjoy their symphonic rock take on the classics will be thrilled to hear live this historic fictional tale of Beethoven’s last night on Earth, featuring a story, lyrics and music by Paul O’Neil and his cohorts, legendary Savatage frontman Jon Oliva and Robert Kinkel. Combining 50% of what might have happened, the story revolves around the tough choices the composer has to make with what will be his life’s legacy.

Establish in 1996 by producer/composer/lyricist Paul O’Neill, TSO has been inspiring generations of fans to rediscover the multi-dimensional art form of the rock opera. Having been described as the Who’s Tommy meets Phantom of The Opera with pink Floyd’s lighting, TSO has sold more than seven million albums and have become one of the world’s top touring acts, with a $20million dollar-plus production that by 2009 played to over 7 million people in 80+ cities, selling more than $280 million worth of tickets.

At long last it will happen in spring 2011: for the first time in TSO history they will be touring Europe! Trans-Siberian Orchestra will perform ‘Beethoven’s Last Night’ in its entirety and will preview a new thrilling place, the ‘Night Castle’: Audiences can expect an amazing event, a phenomenal performance, and an experience that has never been seen in the UK before performed on stage by some of the most amazing musicians and singers in the world, including members of the progressive rock band Savatage.

In anticipation of this event, Trans-Siberian Orchestra will release their album ‘Beethoven’s Last Night’ on October 18th, 2010 via BMG Rights Management in Europe. The album will be available as a digipak-cd and L.P. with a new cover and 44-page booklet.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra will play London’s HMV Hammersmith Apollo on 28th March 2011,

European Tour trailer:

One Response to “Trans-Siberian Orchestra new album & UK date in 2011!”

  1. It;s great that these guys atre making the effort to get over here. Hope the uk rock population turn out in force to make it a great success and hopefuly make it an annual event. They really are one of the best rock band sgoing at the moment

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