All I Know…cracking new melodic rock band

What happens when 4 young guns go through their parents’ record collection? There are those with bad luck who end up with LP’s by Jean-Michel Jarre, Samantha Fox or Nana Mouskouri. The more fortunate ones strike gold and discover classic albums by Def Leppard, Billy Idol, Van Halen or Poison. Back in the eighties these bands were all part of the hard rock wave coming over from the United States. All I Know pick up where these classic bands left off. On their first full length album “Vanity Kills” they wear their influences on their sleeves. Let yourself be swept away by blistering guitar-attacks, thundering drums and big choruses!

All I Know, from Kortrijk, Belgium, have been playing and writing since 2005 and worked during that time on their debut album, which was pressed independently by the band in 2009 and sold online or at their live shows. In early 2010 the band were selected out of 1000 bands for the final round of Belgium’s most important rock contest, Humo’s Rock Rally 2010, organized by one of Belgium’s biggest magazines, ‘Humo’.
A huge percentage of all successful Belgian rock bands have made their name through this contest. AIK did not reach the semi-finals, because according to the jury, no one is waiting for the next Bon Jovi! But All I Know proud to be the only band representing the genre, and is sticking to its guns!
All I Know hasn’t had a permanent drummer for the last two years, working live with Bram Steemans, drummer of Belgium’s biggest punk band Janez Detd.

Despite approaching a number of well known and smaller labels, the band could not secure a deal for a wider release of their album. Something which shocked MelodicRock Records owner Andrew McNeice: “I was stunned the band had an album of this quality sitting on the shelf. I couldn’t believe that here was something I knew would have huge appeal to my own site audience and no one would take a chance on it. I took it up myself to shop the album to the labels I knew and when I couldn’t get them a deal either! I knew at that point it was time to do things myself. And from that point I knew All I Know would be one of the first bands to be released on my label.”

Since the original indie release of this album was available, a few changes have been made. There are two brand new 2010 tracks which have been added and the lead single “Rain” was given the full re-mix treatment by legendary producer Beau Hill. U.S. radio station KEGL who passed Beau a copy of the album, which saw him contact the band personally to help in some way.
To quote Beau: “All I Know caught my attention with their excellent material, an unusual focus on arrangement details, and progressive melodic hooks…sounds like the recipe for a hit to me.”

The single “Rain” will be included on the new CD Sampler: Forces of Dark & Light (out September 10).

All I Know’s sound sees them mix up the best influences of Bryan Adams, Van Stephenson, REO Speedwagon and Bon Jovi.

All I Know are: Ward Dufraimont (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Michaël Neyt (Guitar/Vocals), Amély Mondy (Bass).

Track Listing for “Vanity Kills”:
01) All Night Long
02) Bad Boy

03) Asphyxia 
04) Rain [Beau Hill 2010 Remix] 
05) Turn Back Time [New 2010 Track] 
06) I Need You
07) Into Your Heart

08) I Wanna Rock You
09) Sweet 17
10) Teenage Queen
11) All The Way (New 2010 Track]
12) Hope And Dreams


Release Date: October 22 (pre-orders, including 2 exclusive bonus track downloads!; October 29 in-store).

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