Top 10 prog rock/metal 2010

There have been a few good prog rock & metal albums that deserve a mention…

1. ARK ‘ Wild Untamed Imaginings’ ProgRock Records

Ark comeback with a wonderfully diverse album that encompasses then 80’s neo-prog sound, folk and more modern proggers like Kino.

2. AVANTASIA ‘The Wicked Symphony’ Nuclear Blast

Tobias Sammet gathers together another all star ensemble and this time it is spread over tow albums. Bob Catley and Jorn Lande are amongst the vocal highlights.

3. STAR ONE ‘Victims Of The Modern Age’ Inside Out

Arjen Lucassen is always a busy man and good to have the second studio album from Star One. More straight ahead metal than Ayreon with a SF background.


OTT harmonies? Check OTT keys and synths? Check Dance backing? Eh? Yes this band may put off some but that’s their loss as PRR take prog, pop and dance music, spin them around and come out with another enjoyable album.

5. DAVID MANASIAN ‘Random Acts Of Beauty’ Prog Rock Records

Beautifully crafted music – the Moody Blues and Camel come to mind. Camel’s Andy Latimer guests on one song as well – his first recorded work since recovering from illness.

6. MYSTERY  ‘One Among The Living’ Unicorn Records

Now vocalist Benoit David is also fronting Yes interest in this album has rocketed and rightly so. Mystery do it again with another strong melodious album that owes more to bands like Styx than Yes.

7. KAMELOT ‘Poetry For The Poisoned’ Ear Music/Edel

Not their best but still much better than most bands in the prog metal genre.

8. ROSEWELL SIX ‘Terra Incognita: A Line In The Sand’ Prog Rock Records

Not quite as strong as the last album but still plenty of good, melodic prog rock to enjoy.

9. SPOCK’S BEARD ‘X’  Mascot Records

Their best album to date for me as they successfully mix their keen ear for melody with the extended musical passages they do so well.

10. THE ENID ‘Journey’s End’

Hopefully not the last we will hear from this band and on this album Robert John Godfrey successfully taps into the band’s classic 70’s sound and brings it bang up to date. If the classical market wasn’t so exclusive this album would have massive crossover potential.

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