Top 10 folk & singer/songwriter

This top 10 includes folk plus singer/songwriter although I have put pop rock artists in this list as well…

1. BELLOWHEAD ‘Hedonism’ Navigator Records

A band recommended for those who think they won’t like folk but will be converted by this album. Good mix of ballads and sing-a-longs all backed by their wide musical instrumentation including brass, accordion and some stunning sax.

 2. PHIL CAMPBELL ‘Saviour’s Song’

Singer/songwriter who recorded most of this album himself, which surprises the listener given how much is going on musically. ‘Vodka Milk’ and ‘Saviour’s Song’ are two of the songs of the year.

3. CHRIS SINGLETON ‘Lady Gasoline’ Indie

‘Twisted City’ was a great album and this new one pips it. A delightful pop rock journey from start to finish.


Nicely understated tunes make for a rewarding listen.

5. BAT KINANE ‘A Lifetime To Kill’

Glyder guitarist goes solo with a pleasing mix of blues, folk and rock.

6. ROB THOMPSON ‘Dust’ Angel Air One of the key people in the Storys his solo album contains some wonderful, atmospheric music. Fans of Dave Gilmour will enjoy the guitar solos.

7. SIMON HOPPER with ANDEE PRICE ‘Resolute Love’

Very strong set of songs and very enjoyable.

8. THE OUTCAST BAND ‘The Longest Mile’ Thirsty Dog/Universal

One for fans of the Levellers and the Waterboys. Plenty of lively music to keep the listener happy.

9. RED BOX ‘Plenty’ Cherry Red

Okay not it is not folk but it is singer/songwriter as Simon Toulson-Clarke presents a set of lush tunes recalling bands like Talk Talk at their best.

10. ED KOWALCZYK ‘Alive’ Era Music/Edsel

Former Live vocalist goes solo and with stunning results. A ‘grower’ as the songs are not always instant on the first couple of plays but soon become firm favourites.

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