Coming up in 2011…

Some great albums to look forward to including…

Magnum ‘The Visitation’ (SPV) had this on download to review and its not quite gelled with me yet. I keep wanting the band to do a real rocker like ‘Just Like An Arrow’. Sure to please most of their fnas though. Mr Big ‘What If…’ (Frontiers) on the other hand is a band I like a ‘best of’ by but have never been overly impressed by them until this new album. Wow! This will impress a lot of people as they have successfully married their vocal talent with their undoubted muso talents (which at times took over songs before).

UK pomp rockers Mortiz get a Jan release through Avenue Of Allies. That should be worth a listen! Plus we have new albums from TNT and Bad Habbit, both in Jan and both eagerly awaited. Tony Mills fronted TNT has caused mixed reactions in their fans as the previous two albums have had some real musical curveballs on them but by all accounts they have gone back to simple hard rock on this new album.

Other treats include new albums from Credo (hope they make the break out to more music fans this time), Arena (new vocalist maybe soem new sounds?), Van Halen (first with Dave Lee Roth since 1984), Ten ‘Stormwarning’ (please no naff drum sound this time Mr Hughes), Saxon (they will have to go some to beat their last album), Pendragon ‘Promise’ (always eagerly awaited anything from Nick Barrett) and Night Ranger (hope they rock out on this one). Plus could the oft rumoured third album from Damn Yankees finally see the light of day in 2011? Here’s hoping!

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