Quick guide to Christopher Fowler

Another author I first discovered during my years at WH Smith via his debut novel ‘Roofworld’. This really left an impression as it took some parts of the horror genre and set them in contemporary London where two gangs battle for survival on the rooftops of London. Christopher Fowler had published a couple of short story collections before this novel, ‘City Jitters’ volumes 1 & 2 which are very hard to track down. ‘Roofworld’ is still one of my all time favorite novels.

Since then he has written a series of modern horror novels and short story collections but not horror in the classic sense. Many of his books are based on the everyday horrors modern day life can provide.

Then in 2004 he published ‘Full Dark House’, the first of the very enjoyable mysteries to feature the elderly detectives Bryant and May. They had appeared in an earlier book ‘Rune’  back in the mid-90’s but this was the start of a series of books featuring the pair. They often use unorthodox methods to get results and their foes can, on first appearances, have a supernatural connection. As an added bonus each book reveals more of hidden London and the quirky history of the capital. He really knows about the undiscovered side of London.

I’d highly recommend ‘Roofworld’, ‘Rune’, ‘Soho Black’, ‘Uncut’, ‘Psychoville’ and any of the Bryant & May novels (‘Full Dark House’ stands out for me due to it being set in a theatre). Then there is ‘Paperboy’, his childhood memoir which I have yet to read.

Christopher Fowler is a delight to read and deserves a much wider audience than he currently does.

One Response to “Quick guide to Christopher Fowler”

  1. Thanks – if I had a buck for everyone who said ‘he deserves to be more widely read’ I’d be doing very nicely. Sadly. quirky doesn’t sell. Bland sells – but I won’t change what I write. It’s a choice all authors have to make. You either produce good stuff or you’re Kate Mosse.

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