Stop the library closure madness

The Coalition govenment have now turned their fire onto closing libraries (view the full updated list here). They seem to think libraries are simply a place for lending books and of course the numbers lent each year falls, hence their interest on cost savings. But libraries on the whole have adapted with the times and now have free web access, free basic PC skills courses, lots of activities for younger children, author events and even tea & coffee!

Do your bit and help save YOUR library, even if you have never set foot in it go along and see what’s on offer. Once it is closed there is no going back…

More at one of my old employers ‘The Bookseller’ magazine and their campaign plus Orion (another old employer!) author Alan Gibbons is inspiring many to take up the fight on behalf of libraries.

One Response to “Stop the library closure madness”

  1. Philip Nash Says:

    Save The Dorset Community Libraries‏


    If you are against the councils plans for the libraries please sign the online petition on the Dorset County Council website

    and send the link to anyone else who you may think is interested thank you

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