New releases round-up…

It maybe on January but already 2011 has seen some ‘must have’ releases, none more so than Magnum’s latest ‘The Visitation’ (SPV). Easily their best since they reformed and one of the best since their 80’s output. Ignore the ‘Classic Rock’ review they are talking twaddle.

TNT’s new album ‘A Farewell To Arms’ sees them return to their more hard rock roots and good to see Tony Mills back in action after his recent health scare.

Another 80’s band back are Mr Big with ‘What If…’ (Frontiers). I was never a huge fan of theirs finding a ‘Best Of’ enough to keep me satisfied but this new album is a real comeback in style and very heavy in parts.

Pushking (Ear Music/Edel) are a Russian band who enlsited producer Fabio Grossi and he in turn enlisted some of his musical contacts to re-record some of the band’s songs. Previously the majority of their albums had been recorded in Russian only. The guests include ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons, Alice Cooper, Steve Vai, Joe Lynn Turner, Glenn Hughes and many more. It works very well and is well worth checking out.

Gary Hughes and his band Ten are back with ‘Stormwarning’ (Frontiers) and it is upm with their best. Gone is the substandard drum sound of their last album and back are the big symphonic arrangements. If you like Ten this is destined for your collection…

Great to see the reinvigorated Evergrey (SPV) back with an album that includes all their next qualities plus a more commercial sound on a couple of songs as the new line-up comes together nicely.

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