Help keep Surrey’s mobile library service

It has 3,900 users but with more promotion and a decent publicity drive it could reach many more people. Given that most users are over 65 and have a mobility issue of some kind it is a cruel cut in my view.

Please sign the petition and spread the word!

What does this service currently provide?

* Four mobile libraries visit 148 sheltered housing units every four weeks as well as 181 village and similar isolated communities every week or fortnight.

* A larger mobile library serves sixteen isolated urban areas every week and one location fortnightly.

* There is also a dedicated mobile library that visits 235 residential homes for elderly and disabled people across Surrey every three months to exchange deposit collections.

4 Responses to “Help keep Surrey’s mobile library service”

  1. Some tough financial times in the public sector right now. Couldn’t you start up a community group or social enterprise and run it yourself or with volunteers? Unfortunately council funding must be protected for the vulnerable both young and old when there is not much to spare.

  2. Fair comment but then the mobile library is mainly used by the elderly and less abled residents. I am sure it culd run more efficently and with more promotion could become more successful. One library van could even visit school/youth groups to get more children into reading.

    It currently costs £10 per week per user and it will go down the more people use it.

  3. For the full list of library closures and map see
    For reasons to defend libraries, please see

  4. […] Opinions on the suggested changes can be found on Liberal Democrat Councillor’ Diana Smith’s blog and Stokieboy’ blog. […]

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