Stoke City 3-2 Sunderland

Stoke came back from behind twice to secure a valuable win and Robert Huth bagged two goals to make him our top scorer this season so far. John Carew bundled in the first goal. Great to see us back on winning ways!

4 Responses to “Stoke City 3-2 Sunderland”

  1. A serious question – do you guys really like the way Stoke City play, or are you simply happy that you’ve found a way to stay in the Premier League?

    55% of Stoke goals have come from set-plays, more than anyone else in the League (by a long way). You seem to have only 2 tactics; Delap’s throws and Pennant’s free-kicks.

    I don’t dispute your right to play this way – it just winds me up when I hear Pulis going on about “playing decent football”, when it is obviously mostly ineffective (other than the aforementioned tactics).

    Two offside goals yesterday and a tap in from 3 yards that the Goalkeeper should have come for – I think you can safely say that you “rode your luck” !!

  2. Most of the time yes. I’ve supported Stoke all of my life and have seen many ways of play adopted by us.

    Pulisball isn’t for the purists but he is bit by bit inching away from his binary days. We have two wingers now (although still no proper LB!) in Etherington and Pennant; Wilson is a very decent passer; Delap does a lot more than his throws (if we had relied just on these we would be down last season as teams defend against these now) and Huth shows players like Jones where the net is!

    We could play tippy tappy football like West Brom and yo yo between leagues but Pulis & chairman Peter Coates have a three year plan to keep us up. We strengthen all the time (although Tuncay going was a blow) and have a healthy academy scheme. Pulis has changed there as he even lets the ‘kiddies’ play now and then.

    Yesterdcay we did ride our luck but then every team has some during the course of a season. I’ll alwys be loyal, proud and Stoke 🙂

  3. Of course, you can’t change your team like your electricity provider, so I understand you’ll support them through thick and thin.

    I guess I just don’t like Pulis. I live near Portsmouth (though am not from round here) and he had a disastrous time down here, and I also just don’t like the Ferguson-inspired rhetoric that he spouts. If he was honest and said that he was doing what he was doing to survive, then I think we’d have more respect for him, but he tries to tell us his team is something that they’re not.

    No matter – good luck anyway and best regards !!

  4. ahole67890 Says:

    More than happy with the way we play AND staying in the Premier League, whether we play ‘attractive’ football or not. If it scores us goals and gets points on the board, then it can’t be that bad surely? If we weren’t playing well, then that would be reflected in our results – and so far we’re lying 9th in the league. For a team only in its third year of top-flight football in decades, we’re progressing well and occasionally playing some really nice football. Of course, Pulis still reverts back to the gung-ho tactics as well, but if it wins you games then you can’t complain. He is not looking to entertain the neutrals, just the fans who actually matter to the team, the home fans! Perhaps a valuable lesson to certain managers who get brown-nosed for playing an exciting, open, attacking game but lose five on the trot.
    As for the offside goals – it seems that our luck with refereeing decisions is finally evening itself out, after having some seriously dodgy decisions go against us over the first few months of the season. And you must admit that all teams get lucky with decisions sometimes, or just confuse the opposition with balloons.
    The truth is, our first goal would never have been scored, had your defenders coped with the threat. Or Gordon could’ve caught it, instead of flapping his arms around like a windmill. The fact it was offside is just a distraction from the terrible defending (which actually made the linesman’s job almost impossible with the chaos in the Sunderland box.
    So yes, I enjoy the way we play. It’s made for some excellent moments these past few years. Of course it’s been a source of frustration at times, but that’s all part of football.
    Gooooarrnnnnnn Stoke!

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