Dave’s Big Society

David Cameron is a man on a mission with his much touted Big Society but does anybody know fully what he is one about? I doubt Maggie Thatcher loving Tories do and as for everyone else it seems to mean we all do more in our communities like run libraries, Post Offices, community and youth centres etc.

A noble aim but the big problem I can forsee is that will people have the time to take on all these new roles and more importantly as it will be voluntary work how do the volunteers raise funds to pay for their living costs? Plus as we ask more and more of charities to file the roles previously taken by local government where do they get their increased funding from that they will need to cover their new responsibilities?

The Big Society sounds like a ground breaking idea and in many ways it is but it lacks the detail to convince doubters like myself and many others that it will ever work. It could well turn out to be the 21st century version of John Major’s infamous cones hotline…

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