Save Surrey’s mobile library service update

The online petition now has 139 signatures but more are needed – feel free to add your support here. The local press are picking up on the growing anger at this cut including interviews with some mobile users in the Surrey Herald  and the Surrey Heath Residents blog kindly featured the petition.

On Alan Gibbons website one mobile library user sums up what the service provides…

‘I’ve used the mobile library which visits the Windlesham Field of Remembrance for 25 years and have been so grateful for the wonderful service and warm welcome provided by the excellent librarians. The mobile library is a meeting place for young and old and, if the closure goes ahead, will be a devastating loss to the community. I feel so strongly that this is just plain wrong and will be writing to Surrey County Council to tell them so!’

Surrey CC are issuing a few press releases about WiFi coming to libraries and the massive growth in downloaded ebooks (although when your starting base is small any growth looks big in percentage terms). All good but the cynic in me thinks it is all part of a show trying to justify cuts in the library service. Not everyone has access to a PC and internet and there can be no greater pleasure than escaping into a good book. It costs nothing (unless your book goes overdue) but can bring so much into your life. Please help to persuade Surrey CC to rethink this closure.

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