World Book Night tonight

Well most of my copies of Lee Child’s ‘Killing Floor’ have been given out as part of today’s World Book Night. I have a few left for Surrey Young Carers. I was chuffed as well to be given a copy of John Le Carre’s ‘The Spy Who Came In From The Cold’ whilst in Staines today. I read this back in my teenage years so I am looking forward to reading it again.

All these books floating around can be tracked on the Bookcrossing website. I first joined this back in 2004 and haven’t been on since 2006 and was surprised to see two books I ‘released’ back then have since made it to the US and Canada. Hopefully some of these Lee Child books will become well travelled and bring enjoyment to the readers.

World Book Night has been great fun and I hope they repeat it next year. Yes there have been teething problems but hey no-one has ever distributed and given away one million books in one night! Well done all and keep on reading folks…

PS Read some people’s replies to the Mad About Books questions here and the BBC has launched a Year Of Books

One Response to “World Book Night tonight”

  1. Congrats! Im also a giver and for me it was a achievement to take part. I also initiated a challenge: Read-Release Global Challenge – to read and release a dozen of books a year! Hope you can join! Check it out in the WBN website.

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