World Book Night part #2

Copies of Lee Child’s ‘Killing Floor’ now winging their way to South Africa and Australia, a warm-up maybe for next year when World Book Night could become international.

Had some reader feedback already on the copies I have given out including one from my friend complaining he couldn’t gte his son to go to bed as he was enjoying the book so much! Just think he has a whole load more Jack Reacher adventures ahead of him. Hoping as well some of the reluctant readers (you know the ones who say ‘I don’t read books anymore’) will give the book a try and if they do that will be a result.

Really enjoying re-reading ‘The Spy Who Came In From The Cold’ by John Le Carre. One of my dad’s favourite writers and I must get Le Carre’s latest books to read as ‘The Perfect Gardener’ was the last boom I read by him.

Some personal suggestions for titles to be given away next year would be Christopher Fowler’s ‘Roofworld’, Terry Pratchett’s ‘Mort’ and George Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’. Mind you I could think of many more!

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