New Glyder album in September

Glyder release their new album “Backroads to Byzantium” on
SPV in September.

We settled on “Motions of Time” as an album title a few weeks back for the fourth Glyder album but it just wasnt feeling right so after much thought the title came to me. A few months back I was thinking along the lines of the Yeats poem “Sailing to Byzantium” as the new album has an underling theme of a journey and my slant on it was “Backroads to Byzantium”

Im sure you are familiar with the Yeats poem but the theme is the desire for escape from the hardships of this world and the quest for immortality. Byzantium is that place in Yeats poem, I see us in that quest on a different level and also taking a different route to this place as we are not mainstream therefore the backroads as opposed to the main road.

We start recording next Tue 18th April. It has been really great making this album. It all really kicked off first week in January. As Jackie Robinson our new vocalist is from Northern Ireland its wasnt practical to meet up every week for writing and rehearsals so we worked over email using digital audio recording. We bounced ideas and tracks around back and forward until we acheived the results we wanted. Pete and I would make a backing track of Guitar, bass and a drum program and Jackie would add his vocals at his home and email them back. Des and Graham the new Rythym section have been working closely with Pete and myself and we are tightening up the arrangements and getting them ready to record.

We have written 15 songs and have tightened it all up to ten that work well together.Here is a brief of what the songs are like:

1. Even if I dont know where I’m gonna go
Is a very Americana style driving rocker along the lines of a heavy Bob Seger with a killer chorus

2. Two Wrongs
An upbeat melodic rock song with a killer groovin riff

3. Fade to Dust
A very uptempo rock anthem with some killer riffs , soaring vocals and harmony guitars and shredding solo

4. Dont make their Mistakes
A classic 70’s style rock number in a celtic blues Rory Gallagher vein,

5. Something she knows
A song that could be destined for classic rock radio, feel good, catchy as hell

6. Chronicled Deceit
Very heavy head banger like Joe Bonamassa meets Metallica, stompin!!!

7. Long Gone
Think “Fireball” by Deep Purple with some serious driving Rythym and great chorus

8. End of the Line
Cool modern rock song with a very hooky chorus

9. Down and Out
Very sublime verses with a killer riffing chorus and some slide and harmony guitars to good effect

10. Motions of Time
A ballad to end a hard rocking album with a peaceful acouctic touch.

Keep and eye on the blog for studio updates next week!

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