New releases round-up

A fair few great albums coming out of late…

Power Quest ‘Blood Alliance’ sees them on top form with new vocalist ‘Chitty’ Sampola. Eden’s Curse ‘Trinity’ is their best album to date and will take some beating. They are the natural successors to Queensryche in my book…

Credo ‘Against Reason’ sees the band reach album number three and it is their ebst effort to date. Some lovely Pink Floyd like guitar, plenty of keyboards and stronfg lyrical themes show there is life in the neo-prog scene.

The Alarm revisit some ‘lost’ classics on their upcoming album (out on June 6th)  ‘The Sound And The Fury’.  The band are always good live and on record, withmthe spirit and music of the band kept alive by Mike Peters. He has also just finished touring with Big Country who have a decent two CD collection out now via Universal/Spectrum.

Foo Fighters ‘Wasting Light’ sees the band back to their best, chock full of metal with a pop/punk edge.

Big Life is a new project featuring Steve Newman and Mark Thomson-Smith. Classy hard rock with an AOR edge, very good indeed. As is the upcoming Williams-Freistedt, a West coast meets Toto delight featuring former Toto vocalist Jospeh Williams and guitarist Peter Freistedt (LA Project). Extremely catchy AOR perfect for a summer’s day!

Not so great is the new Whitesnake ‘Forevermore’, I like most of the album but it is not the classic some reviews would have you believe. But the new Uriah Heep ‘Into The Wild’ is well worth a listen as the band continue their recent rich vein of musical form.

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