Top 10 highest bidded charity auction items to date…

  Top 10 highest bidded items… Final selling price
1 Rebus whisky £1,319.00
2 Signed Red Dwarf script £857.77
3 Signed Harry James drumsticks £103.00
4 Vinny Burns guitar lesson £62.00
5 Signed FM CD £41.00
6 Signed Rodney Matthews ‘Sleepwalking’ poster £35.27
7 Signed Francis Dunnery CD £35.00
8 Signed Francis Dunnery CD £31.00
9 Signed Rodney Matthews ‘OASTN’ poster £26.10
10 Signed David Tennant photo £21.00


I am still amazed at how much the Rebus whisky went for and the signed Red Dwarf script (signed by Rimmer aka Chris Barrie). I have been doing these signed items for charity for a while now and it is always fun to see a) what you can get kindly donated and b) the final selling price. Onwards and upwards!

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