New release round-up…

Some mighty fine albums just out/coming out over the next few weeks…

GMT ‘Raw – Live’ (Cadiz Music), a ‘must have’ for fans of the band and as it says the recording is very raw, no studio messing on this one. LIONVILLE (Avenue Of Allies) is one for lovers of high quality AOR and it includes the musicians behgind last year’s excellent Shining Line album.

BLACK VEIL BRIDES ‘Set The World On Fire’ may look like Motley Crue’s offspring but they have an album full of catchy anthems but a tad more modern than their hair metal look would suggest. DEF LEPPARD ‘Mirrorball’ (Frontiers) is a live album with three new songs, one of which is an overblown homage to Queen!

NIGHT RANGER ‘Somewhere In California’ (Frontiers) an absolute gem of an album and a real return to form by the band. Can’t recommend this album highly enough!

INFINITY ‘Infinity’ (Melodic Rock Records ) the name may not mean much but the two musicians will…David Rosenthal (Rainbow/Red Dawn) and Mitch Malloy. The album was recorded back in the early 90’s and finally gets a release. Prime time melodic rock and if you like Mitch Malloy’s late 80’s output this is one for you.

REECE-KRONLUND ‘Solid’ (AOR Heaven) as the album title suggests a collection of solid and enjoyable hard rock tunes. Prefer this to last year’s Bangalore Choir album. Rob Moratti (Ex-SAGA/FINAL FRONTIER) ‘Victory’ (Escape Music) with Reb Beach (Winger/Whitesnake) on guitars you know you’re in for a treat. Perfect meldoic rock/AOR for a summer’s day.

QUEENSRYCHE ‘Dedicated To Chaos’ (Roadrunner/Loud & Proud) has been getting on the whole, poor reviews but after a few spins I am enjoying (most) of the music. Queensryche have never been afraid to progress their music – the sound on here is akin to Geoff Tate’s solo album. AIRRACE ‘Back To The Start’ (Frontiers) it may be their second album in nearly thirty years but what a joy! Massiv keys, choruses and riffs abound – close your eyes and your back in the mid-80’s. The production is modern though and Keith Murrell still has his vocals. Expect this one to pop-up on a few year end ‘best of’s’.

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