Clive Nolan (Arena/She/Pendragon) newsletter

‘She’ is performed in Holland:

September the 3rd saw the ‘She’ show at the Boerderij, Holland. This was an opportunity to test out the ‘eight-man’ version, and take the music beyond the UK again. It was certainly a success. Special mention should go to David Clifford, who took over the role of Leo, and Kylan Amos who took up the reigns on Bass… excellent performances from both of them.

Clive: “I must say it worked really well. The show ran smoothly (despite all the technical challenges), and I thought it really reached the heart of what ‘She’ was about. I thought the singers brought the songs to life, and the musicians added a new energy to the backing. What was the most exciting thing was to watch how well the audience engaged in the show, and the reaction was fantastic!”

There are now discussions going on as to where perhaps this ‘She-lite’ version could go next.

Any suggestions?

More ‘She’ Fundraisers:

On the 14th October (Friday), there will be a fundraiser in Wokingham, UK. The concert will feature Clive Nolan, Agnieszka Swita, Mark Westwood, Christina Booth, David Clifford and Soheila Clifford. For tickets and more info contact: There will be music from ‘She’ as well as other material from Clive’s repertoire. He will also be presenting the concepts behind his new musical, ‘Alchemy’.

On the 16th October (Sunday), there will be a fundraiser in Lakei, Helmond, Holland. Clive, Agnieszka and Mark will be travelling over, and there will be a couple of Dutch guest appearances: Tom Luchies, from the Dutch band Sky Architect and Tasmara van Loon, formerly of the Dutch gothic metal band Sylver Myst. For more information contact Marcel at, or tickets can simply be bought at

Buying these tickets helps us provide the lifeblood to get the theatrical shows off the ground.  Helping us by attending the fundraisers (, or donating money through the She site, or even just buying a ‘She’ T-shirt ( all helps towards the future of Clive’s musicals.

New Arena Album:

The mixes have just been completed for the new Arena album, ‘The Seventh Degree of Separation’. Mastering takes place this week, and the artwork is mostly complete. The album will be available to coincide with the tour in November.

Clive: “I must say the album is sounding great; very powerful and atmospheric. The music to me is another part of the Arena evolution, although there is still that intrinsic ‘arena-sound’ pervading the album.”

This is a concept album, which explores the last hour of life and the first hour beyond. It’s truly dark in the way that only Arena can do!

Arena Tour:

Don’t forget to check out the tour dates in November. Just go to, and you can see the front cover too.

Pendragon DVD:

Clive has just been in the studio checking the keyboards in the soundtrack of Pendragon’s latest DVD, filmed during their recent ‘Passion Tour’. Mixing will begin in the near future, with the intention of a release before Christmas.

‘She’ Podcasts:

Just a reminder for people to watch all those ‘She Production Podcasts’ that have been coming out for months now. These provide a great insight into the workings and the preparations of the February show, as well as introducing the cast and the crew who are making this all possible.

Simply visit



Clive Nolan:




 The Caamora Theatre Company:

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