Clive Nolan/Arena newsletter

The Clive Nolan Newsletter 31/10/11

Arena tour starts soon!

Not long now before the shows begin. Come along if you can!

Don’t forget to check out the dates at

The Seventh Degree of Separation

At last the new Arena album is finished and will be released on the 28th November 2011. Our seventh album is a concept album, which explores the last hour of life and the first hour beyond. It’s truly dark in the way that only Arena can do! It’s available now for pre-order exclusively at Verglas.

The Seventh Degree Of Separation special edition package is a 56 minute long, 13 track CD in a 3 leafed digibook with a 28 page pullout booklet packed with original artwork + a bonus 50 minute DVD “The making of The Seventh Degree Of Separation”, where each member of the band gives you some insight into the process they go through to make the music. The track list is as follows:

01. The Great Escape
02. Rapture
03. One Last Au Revoir
04. The Ghost Walks
05. Thief Of Souls
06. Close Your Eyes
07. Echoes Of The Fall
08. Bed Of Nails
09. What If?
10. Trebuchet
11. Burning Down
12. Catching The Bullet
13. The Tinder Box

This special edition package is now available to buy only at

You will receive your special edition package before the official release date, OR you can come and buy it at one of the tour dates.

Please note that you will not be able to buy this in any shop or any online outlet (except before 28th November, or get it at one of the gigs.

More ‘She’ Fundraisers:

A total of four ‘She’ fundraisers have now been performed over the last few months. We can consider them a success, and essential money has been raised towards the production of the February 2012 shows.

Clive: ‘Many thanks to all the people who have come and supported these events. It has been a lot of fun, and has proved that this is a viable method to raise support for these musicals.’

South America:

There are whispers that the ‘eight-man She show’ may be headed out to Uruguay next year.

Clive: ‘I can’t say for sure that this is definite yet… but plans are being made, and April next year is being left open for a while. I really hope it does happen, because I’d love to get back to South America soon!’

‘She’ Podcasts:

Just a reminder for people to watch all those ‘She Production Podcasts’ that have been coming out for months now. These provide a great insight into the workings and the preparations of the February show, as well as introducing the cast and the crew who are making this all possible.

Simply visit



Clive Nolan:




The Caamora Theatre Company:

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