Five Quick Q’s with Phil Vincent…

Phil Vincent is a busy man and he finds time to give us an update on his upcoming musical projects plus his best of 2011 selections…

What have you got planned for the next few months?

A: I have completed the 3rd D’Ercole CD with the guys. It’s in the
mastering stage and should be out either later this year or in January
2012. It’s got Vince O’Regan’s shredding all over it!!! What a talent
that guy is. I’m soooooo fortunate to be working with him!!!1
I also just finished the vocals for the 3rd Legion CD “NEMESIS” and
Vince is in the mastering stage also so it should be ready by December
or January. It SMOKES!!!!!

The second Legion album is a stormer! How was Z Rocks for you, which I believe was your live debut? What is next for Legion?

A: Thanks Jason. Much appreciated! 🙂 Yes, Z Rock was my FIRST live
performance and I was very concerned about my vocals so the nerves were
high!!! Luckily everything went without a hitch and I totally enjoyed
myself. I can’t wait for the next one. This time I will be more
comfortable and more like myself……a lunatic!!!! 🙂 Like I said
earlier, the 3rd Legion is all done and you should be hearing it by
years’ end or early 2012. Vince really came up with some cranking riffs
for this one and the production is MASSIVE!!!!

You’ve done a few covers to date – any plans for a possible full album
of covers?

A: You know what Jason, EVERYBODY’s doing covers albums now!!! I don’t
want to jump on the bandwagon so I’ll just release a few tunes here and
there on Itunes. Any suggestions as to what you think might be suitable
for me to cover?

How do you see the music business panning out over the next few years? Is the CD on its way out and will the music scene become much more of a cottage industry with small specialist labels and bands releasing their own material with the major labels no longer around?

A: the music business is gone, unfortunately. The CD will disappear in 5
years time. All music will be in file format. Very cold, sterile and
absolutely void of any human influence. Even the audio nowadays is all
processed and no one’s playing an instrument. It’s a very sad thing
Jason. The kids today don’t even listen to complete songs!! They just
hear a few minutes and then it’s on to the next song. And stealing music
can be blamed for killing the music business!!! Most casual music fans
don’t think it’s a big deal stealing a few tunes but cumulatively it
DESTROYS the whole thing!!! How can anyone sustain a lucrative music
career selling songs for .99 cents?

We do it for the love of the music so there’s A LOT of passion in our songs. The small labels like Z are so very important in maintaining what small fan base we have left!!! If it wasn’t for them, you wouldn’t be talking to me right now!!! LOL!!! Also, web sites  like yours keep the music current and really help people
decide if certain cds would appeal to them so keep up the great work.

Anything else to add…

A: I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to bore your
readers!!!!…:-)…I mean…..thank you for letting me share my
thoughts!!! It’s always great to hear from you and please, stay in touch
and tell the fans to watch out for brand new LEGION and D’Ercole Cds
coming this winter on Z Records. Take Care my friend, Phil

Finally I am compiling a ‘Best Of 2011’ for my blog and Get Ready To
Rock! Again feel free to add as much/little as you like…

Music: Styx “Regeneration 2” , “Rat City in Blue” The Good Rats, “Ready
4 U” Weapon

Books: Red: My Uncensored Life in Rock by Sammy Hagar

Films: Immortals, Bad Teacher, Horrible Bosses

TV/DVD’s: “Everybody Loves Raymond”

Gigs: Gwar

Sporting events: The Stanley Cup Champion Boston Bruins hockey games

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