Why do I fundraise?

A question I have been asked a few times down the years (I’ve done at least one charity event every year since 1985) and the main reasons are the charities are personal or ones that support/help young people, like this year’s one the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Plus I love helping others as much as that sounds like a Miss World reply!

It is always hard coming up with a novel idea for fundraising be it Forty Nights for my fortieth birthday where I held a charity gig at Brentford FC and got a whole host of bands to plug it at their gigs or webpages. The Shirt Of Hurt (kindly borrowed of Sports Relief/Danny Baker) back in 2010 saw me complete the Staines 10K in a P*** V*** top – I still have nightmares about it 😉 Still it raised over £550 for the Macular Disease Society.

In fact running is a good way to raise funds as I did a 10K back in 2007 and rasied over £1,000 for the Parkinson’s Disease Society. I have even run between WHS Travel stores (train & underground stations) in central London in the late 90’s. A more leisrely fundraiser was last year’s All Booked Up where myself and my daughter (who has done some sterling fundraising herself and made me one proud dad) did a year long sponsored read for Surrey Young Carers.

So times are hard but try & help where you can, as the real stars are those who donate their money or signed goodies for charity auctions and spread the word as fundraising is no good if no-one knows you are doing it or supports it.

Please support this year’s fundraising for the Make-A-Wish Foundation UK by:

‘Liking’ the Facebook page

Visting the JustGiving page

Texting £1.00 (or more if you wish) LGWC50 to 70070

Spread the word 🙂

Thank you all.

Top 10 highest bidded items… Final selling price
1 Rebus whisky £1,319.00
2 Signed Red Dwarf script £857.77
3 Signed Harry James drumsticks £103.00
4 Vinny Burns guitar lesson £62.00
5 Signed FM CD £41.00
6 Signed Rodney Matthews ‘Sleepwalking’ poster £35.27
7 Signed Francis Dunnery CD £35.00
8 Signed Francis Dunnery CD £31.00
9 Signed Rodney Matthews ‘OASTN’ poster £26.10
10 Signed David Tennant photo £21.00

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