Come on Stoke!

Big game tomorrow the QF of the FA Cup against Liverpool. I’d be happy with a draw and beat them on the replay given Gerrard’s recent hatrick.

Diego Arismendi has joined Huddersfield Town on loan, shame as he would have been ideal against Liverpool.

My thoughts and many others I am sure are with Bolton Wanderers midfielder Fabrice Muamba who collapsed during the FA Cup game against Spurs this evening. Hope he pulls through, at time like this doesn’t matter who you support it is the person that counts.


  1. I’ve said it before, but I think I’d give up watching football if I supported Stoke. You can barrack Suarez all you like, but Shawcross, Wilkinson, Etherington, etc are worse with their kicking, pushing, diving tactics. The whole way Stoke play is a disgrace, as is your Ferguson-following sycophant of a manager.

    I remember Stoke as a decent footballing team with Alan Hudson and Jimmy Greenhoff, Terry Conroy etc. What Pulis has done might keep you in the Premier League for a few years, but he’ll win you no friends, and when you are in those bottom 3, most of us will be saying “Good riddance”.

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