Best of 2012

 My best of 2012 music wise plus here you can the GRTR! reviwers selections.

  1. Saga – 20/20 (Ear Music/Edel) Michael Sadler returns as the band release one of their finest albums to date.
  2. Flying Colors – S/T (Ear Music/Edel) Features Neal Morse, Steve Morse & Mike Portnoy and a set of tunes that have some of the biggest choruses this side of Journey.
  3. Bellowhead – Broadside (Navigator Records) Not as instant as previous albums but a real grower making it their best to date, which is no mean feat. Folk, jazz, pop, rock for the masses J
  4. It Bites – (Inside Out) A loose concept album as the band really stretch their musical wings.
  5. Shinedown – Amaryllis (Atlantic) Modern rockers who have an ear for melody and a love of big riffs. I’d be amazed if this album didn’t make most yearend lists.
  6. Michael Thompson Band ‘Future Past’ (Frontiers) Top notch AOR/melodic rock and choruses to die for.
  7. Jamie Hartman (Indie) Singer/songwriter who lives up to the hype. Strong lyrics and melodies throughout.
  8. Asia – XXX (Frontiers) Their best album since they returned, full of pomptastic delights.
  9. Big Big Train – English Electric Volume One (Indie) Lovingly crafted prog rock with a quirky pop edge recalling XTC. Good news as this is only volume one!
  10. Orden Ogan – To The End (AFM Records) Worth the wait as the band really hit their stride. Classy power/prog metal.
  11. Headspace – I Am Anonymous (Inside Out) Supergroup can mean poor albums but not in this case as Damian Wilson and Adam Wakeman steal the show.
  12. House Of Shakira – HoS (Lion Music) First with new vocalist Andreas Novak and they have found their knack again of penning melodic rock gems.
  13. Freedom Call – Land Of The Crimson Dawn (SPV) One of the best power metal bands out there and they keep on producing magnificent albums.
  14. Magnum – On The 13th Day (SPV) Their best album since they reformed and a real treat for fans new and old alike.
  15. Devin Townsend Project – Epicloud (Inside Out) One of his most commercial sounding albums and some OTT harmonies and guitars – glorious stuff!
  16. Jimi Jamison – Never Too Late (Frontiers) Survivor vocalist shows how it is done with a faultless album chick full of melodic rock treats.
  17. Rhys Williams (Indie) Enjoyable mix of pop rock and acoustic based songs.
  18. Kamelot – Silverthorn (SPV) New vocalist and their mist commercial/accessible album to date. The true kings of symphonic metal.
  19. Threshold (Nuclear Blast) Their first new album since Damian Wilson re-joined and another musical masterpiece. A few interesting new musical twists as well add to the overall enjoyment.
  20. Docker’s Guild – (Lion Music) Masses of keys, guest vocalists including John Payne & Goran Edman, prog rock – what’s not to like?
  21. Ajen Lucassen – (Inside Out) Not as immediate as Ayreon but some stunning music to discover and enjoy.
  22. The Dunwells – Blind Sighted Faith (Indie) A heady mix of indie rock/pop with some folk and excellent live too.
  23. Neal Morse – Momentum (Radiant Records/Inside Out) Another prog pop/rock masterpiece how does he keep on producing music of such a high standard?
  24. Soeilel Moon – S/T (Frontiers) Top notch AOR/melodic rock from the vocalist and band who back Michael Thompson.
  25. Jeff Scott Soto – (Frontiers) Back with a more straight ahead melodic hard rock album.



  1. Styx – The Grand Illusion + Pieces Of Eight – Live (Eagle Rock) Two classic 70’s albums played in their entirety by the current line-up.
  2. Freddie Mercury & Monserat Cabale – Barcelona (Island) Now with a full orchestral score and sounding magnificent.
  3. ELO – Mr Blue Sky: Very Best Of (Frontiers) Re-recorded classics by main man Jeff Lynne and they sound superb!
  4. RAINBOW – Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll (Polydor/Universal) The second disc of rough mixes, rehearsal and live songs is well worth having.

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