United Nations are back!


Brit melodic rock band United Nations have reformed after 30 years! There is a new album ‘2014’, which will be released in February on Steelheart Records.

I remember buying their debut album on vinyl from Mike Lloyds record store in Newcastle and being mightily impressed. I had seen them live previously at Newcastle carnival and (I think) the Bridge Street Arts Centre in Newcastle. They did record a follow-up album which never got released and sadly they never got the exposure and success they deserved. Fast forward thirty years and they are back with a good choice of vocalist in Lee Small. With the renewed interest in melodic rock hopefully they can get the recognition they deserve.

Original members Pete`Hank`Hankey (bass), Chris Stonier (keyboards) and Chris Mooney (drums), are joined by newcomers vocalist Lee Small (SHY/SNOWFALL) and guitarist Neil`Fred`Thomas.

They play their first reunion gig at Our Bar, Stoke-on-Trent on Feb 22nd.

Check out a sneak preview:

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