Music for 2014…Rosco Levee and the Southern Slide

Rosco Levee is a talented guitarist and singer backed by the Southern Slide – Lee Wilson (keyboards), Simon Gardiner (bass), Andy Hayes (guitars/mandolin), and David Tettmar (drums). They release their second album ‘Get It While You Can’ on 27th January and we have two rave reviews on Get Ready To Rock! First up Pete Feentra and then mine further down.

The album is a mix of blues rock, a little gospel/country and southern rock. Nearest comparisons would be the Black Crowes and the Allman Brothers. Do grab a listen as they have that certain something that sets them apart from other artists playing similar music.

Check out the debut album ‘Final Approach’ too:

Get Ready To Rock: 4/5****  “Final Approach To Home is that rare thing, a Brit band with a real Americana feel. Rosco leads from the front with some pulsating side guitar and he fills all twelve tracks with a lived-in vocal style, backed by rich harmony vocals and a layered sound that subtly showcases guitar, organ and occasionally a beautifully nuanced horn section. A major talent in the making.”

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