A beginner’s guide to Blue Oyster Cult…revisited

The most read article on my blog to date was first published back in 2008 and I thought it was due an update, especially as Blue Oyster Cult are back in the UK next month! On Febraury 9th they play Butlins, Minehead as part of a classic rock festival with Uriah Heep, FM, Big Country, Snakecharmer, the Sweet, Wishbone Ash and many more. For more details including tickets please visit the website

Since 2008 we have still not had any new album from BOC and going by comments from Eric Bloom & Buck Dharma it seems very unlikely as they say there is no real demand. There is from this fan!

Sadly keys/guiatrist Allen Lanier passed away last year although the classic 70’s line-up did manage to play a 40th anniversary show in 2012 in New York.

Joe and Albert Bouchard perform in Blue Coupe with Dennis Dunaway (ex-Alice Cooper/Deadringer) performing a mix of early BOC and Alice Cooper classics plus some of their own material. There is a very good interview with Dennis Dunaway here

There was a BOC box set released late last year covering all their albums for Colombia as well as rarities disc and links to download a couple of live shows. More on this box set can be found here

Read the original article here

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