New music and some older gems…

Plenty of good new music out there with L.R.S. (Frontiers) who feature Josh Ramos of the Storm fame, perfect for those after a Storm/Journey fix. Two good power metal albums are Gamma Ray’s ‘Empire of the Undead’ (earMusic), which sees the band still producing top notch power/speed metal. Also worthy of investigation is the latest Freedom Call ‘Believe’ (SPV) which may not be as instant as previous albums but soon grows on you and is certainly one of their more upbeat albums of late.

FM’s Steve Overland never seems to stop either recording or playing live with a new album under the Overland handle out now on Escape Music. This one is a highly polished melodic rock delight helped by having Mike Slammer involved and Billy Greer (Kansas) guesting too. FM themselves have a new EP called ‘Futurama’ out ahead of their tour with Foreigner and Europe in April. Mind you with eleven songs it’s hardly an EP! Like anything with FM’s name on it you can expect high quality studio and live songs.

Josh Tarek has been playing gigs up and down the UK these past twelve months and his re-issued debut album is well worth getting. Pop rock songs made for Radio 2’s daytime playlist. Continuing in the pop rock theme is the debut album from Circa Nova which features former Police guitarist Andy Summers. Some cracking pop gems on this one!

A couple of recent charity shop bargains include OMD’s ‘The Singles’ mainly as I was after their late 90’s singles and Blackfield’s debut album. Only played this twice so far and it is certainly not as instant as their following albums.

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