Stoke City – All Time Worst XI

Cracking read and I’d drop Greenacre for Keith Scott, the worst ‘striker’ I’ve seen in a Stoke top! Mind you the Ginger Ninja Dave Kitson would easily makes the subs bench…

Stoke City FC...every step along the way...

As part of the clubs recent 150th anniversary celebrations, The Sentinel ran a feature inviting fans of all ages to send in their favourite Stoke City XI’s. The usual suspects kept cropping up; Fuller, Greenhoff, Banks and Matthews. But what of the Ben Petty’s, Paul Stewart’s and Ibrahima Sonko’s of this world?  In the interest of balance, it’s only right we reflect on some of garbage we’ve had on the books over the years, and allow them their moment in the sun too. So here goes, a “Who’s Who” of some of the worst players to ever don the famous red and white jersey….



GK: Neville Southall (above) – where to start with big Nev? He was brought to the club by Chris Kamara in 1998. A legend of the game for many years, and a brilliant keeper in his heyday. Unfortunately for us, we didn’t have…

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