Star Trek: Into Darkness at the Royal Albert Hall


How cool is this idea? Both the rebooted Star Trek films with a live film score performed by the 21st Century Symphony Orchestra and Chorus conducted by Ludwig Wicki. Even better it is the lovely surroundings of the Royal Albert Hall, easily the grandest concert venue in London along with the best sound.

Taking along my daughter (who has impeccable SF taste although I still need to work on ‘Star Wars’ with her!) to see the ‘Into Darkness’ movie we were seated in the circle and had a good view of both the large screen and the orchestra. An added treat in that the film score composer Michael Giaccino was present and he seemed genuinely thrilled and humbled to be at the evening’s performance.

The whole experience was pretty spectacular, especially having the orchestra and chorus who often I ended up watching instead of the film. Often a film score can rumble along in the background when you are watching a film, whereas tonight the orchestra, and quite rightly so, took the front seat. Watching the film again I was struck at how many good one liners it has, particularly the rapport between Kirk, Spock and Bones. As my daughter commented you laugh a little more as you are in hall full of Star Trek fans, although only a few came along dressed in costume.

After the film credits rolled Michael Giaccino took to the podium to conduct a piece from the upcoming ‘Planet Of The Apes’ movie due out in July. Interesting piece of music with a strong percussive intro and a chance to solely focus on the skilled playing of the orchestra.

A memorable evening and if they do this again, which judging by the large turnout I am sure they will at some point in the future, make sure you go along. Live orchestral music, great film and a wonderful setting, whats not to like?

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